Aparna Halpé Interviewed in Canvas Rebel Magazine 



When Solidaridad takes the stage, our presence and our music has meaning. We don’t shy away from the truths of our time, and our tango is a raw cry reminding our audiences that change is here. And for me, that immigrant brown woman who almost gave up on her dream, even more than the heady joy of creating music and poetry, the power of Solidaridad lies in the young women who come to a show by badass boss women, and leave with a sparkle in their eyes.” (full interview)

DISTANCIA reviewed by Paris Move 

“An album that has exceptional, extraordinary emotional musical power. Poems that touch your heart and soul, music that gives you borderless, universal pleasure. An album that even ranks above the ‘essential’ category, an album that is without hesitation placed in the short list of the best albums of the decade.”

Frankie Pfeiffer
Editor-in-chief – PARIS-MOVE

PARIS-MOVE, November 6th 2023

Read the full review here.

Video report from the Annex Gleaner 

Nicole Stoffman, from the Annex Gleaner, stopped by as Soli Strings were rehearsing in Jean Sibelius Park in Toronto. In her wonderful video, you can discover our story, and listen to us reading “Don Horacio" by Ramiro Gallo in the fabulous string ensemble editions available from Tango Sin Fín.

You can also hear Julian Peralta’s iconic piece “Variación” in a new arrangement for orquesta de cuerdas.